Why AquAgorA?
Aquagora. It’s very simple: water (aqua) and market (agora) written in one word.
Water: one of the most important vital elements. Market: a civilised society’s primary meeting point where goods, materials, opinions and thoughts are exchanged. p-25C3-25A1l-fot-25C3-25B311Water is not only the place for exchanging ideas but also the 2000-year-old symbol of revival. Today it’s almost common knowledge that in the near future life-changing questions regarding water will have to be addressed by humanity. This short explanation clarifies our main aims that are hopefully indicated by the mission’s name as well.

Paul the Apostle’s life and work reflect the values that are important to us, and his personal story is an example of the forces and opportunities present in any kind of revival. Understanding these can have a transformative effect on society.

But perhaps most importantly: Aquagora is the place where we can meet, exchange and stimulate ideas freely, while being responsible both to ourselves and to the whole world.

The Goals of the Mission
The main goals are to research and explore Paul the Apostle’s life and work, to spread his story and to set up a “maritime pilgrimage route” between the Holy Land and Rome. Our main sources are the relevant chapters from the New Testament, that is, the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters of Paul. P+íl utakDuring our mission we will primarily endeavour to visit the places mentioned in the Bible by sea, getting to know the locals, their circumstances and their culture. This will facilitate the understanding of Paul’s work as well as bringing him and the effects of his actions closer to the modern mind. We expressly seek to share the experiences and knowledge acquired during the mission as widely as possible, exploiting modern technology and meeting 21st century standards. That’s why we provide access to our documentary and also to all other content and experiences, to everybody, regardless of age, sex and affiliation or orientation of any kind.